Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know when to book?

Because newborn sessions do get booked up well in advance, I would recommend to book while you are pregnant. Ideally book immediately after your 20 week scan as you will then know approximately when your baby will be born. I usually suggest that photo sessions be scheduled 10 days after your due date since newborn photography is best done at about 7-12 days after the birth.

However I know as a mum myself that this isn’t always possible, so I’m happy to aim to get sleepy newborn poses up to 8 weeks after the birth if required.


My baby has been born already. Am I too late to book?

You can still potentially book after your baby has arrived but newborn photography is best done before baby is two weeks old and you may not be able to secure the exact date you were hoping for.

Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange your photoshoot, and I will do my best to fit you in. I can do newborn photography up to 8 weeks after the birth if required. If your bundle of joy is a little older please contact me to discuss you session and we may still get those sleepy photographs you dream of.


Is a deposit required?

Yes, I require a £20 non-refundable deposit which is payable via the Shop


How long does a newborn photoshoot take?

A newborn photography session will lasts between 2-4 hours, usually starting at 10am. It takes time to get those gorgeous sleepy curled up poses.


What do I need to bring with me/us?

As a newborn session can last for up to four hours, I would recommend you bringing everything you’re likely to need for you baby such as spare nappies and milk. Also don’t forget a snack to keep yourself going during the session to keep your energy up. I offer tea and coffee making facilities in the studio and also have a changing mat and lots of baby wipes!


Can I bring my other children to the photoshoot?

You certainly can bring your siblings along I love capturing families with their new additions. Please bring snack and toys to occupy then I do have a child out room for them which has a tv and a selection of childrens DVD’s.


My husband’s really into sport. Can we bring a Rugby ball  to include in the photos?

Yes, if you have a personal prop that you would like me to incorporate into the photoshoot please do not hesitate to bring it along. I will do my best to get photographs that will include your own props, and in the past I have captured some wonderful, very personalised photographs doing exactly that. I’ve had clients bring in Rugby balls, service hats, guitars and even motorbike helmets.


Should I feed my baby before the session?

Please feed your baby as normal ahead of the session. We need the baby to be fed and happy, also ideally, tired so that we can hopefully get those adorable sleeping baby photographs that you want.

A newborn session lasts between 2-4 hours as a lot of time is required to settle the baby to sleep and move them into position to be photographed, so if the baby is fed and sleepy we can potentially obtain more photographs in the time available.

Of course, most newborns require feeding at some point during their newborn session so remember to bring their milk, or feel free to breastfeed in my studio.


Can I arrive early to feed/change/get baby settled?

Yes, of course. If you would like to arrive earlier than the session start time please simply arrange this with me in advance.


Do I need to/what can I do to help during the shoot?

In some cases, I ask parents to sit close by to the baby as a safety precaution but usually the photoshoot is a time when you can actually kick-back and relax as I will soothe the baby and settle them into position ready for photographing. Most parents really enjoy watching the process and some even get the chance to have a short snooze!





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