National Dog Portrait Awards

National Dog Portrait Awards

It so easy to enter the National Dog Portrait Awards –

Simply bring your potentially award winning dog to the studio for a photoshoot (send a message here to book). Before hand we can discuss any ideas or props you want to include or we can keep it simple and classic (you decide). You do have the opportunity to get into any images as a family, the competition image must be of just the dog thou. After the shoot you will be invited back to view the images and choose your favourite image to submit into the competition. You will also have the opportunity to buy an prints or digitals but there is no obligation.


The top dog and their owner will receive £1500 cash, with an additional £1000 and £500 for second and third spots.  All winners will receive a £500 canvas of their portrait.


The National Dog Portrait Awards is proud to support doggy charities nationwide.  When you pay your £10 entry fee, we’ll take a small admin cost then put the remainder into a donation pot. You will then have a chance to vote along with other entrants for which worthy charity it goes to. This will happen towards the end of the competition, in October, after all entries are closed.

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Newborn Emily Grace

Newborn Photographer Wiltshire

I had the pleasure of working with this total angel Emily Grace. She was an absolute gem to work with and her mummy was absolutely stunning too! I loved seeing the angel shot on a 16×20 canvas! Emily had to spend some time in NICU and had been given the handmade octopus which fitted in really nicely to the session. Its always lovely when people bring something person with them. 


Newborn Photographer Wiltshire

Newborn Photographer Wiltshire

A couple weeks ago i had the beautiful newborn April in the studio of her newborn photography session. She was just perfect and so adorable for her session. It was so lovely to see the family again a week later for their viewing session – it meant i got to meet the gorgeous April again too!

I look forward to seeing the family again in the future x

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Newborn Photographer Wiltshire

I spent last weekend with my absolute Idol Photographer Kelly Brown.

I have adored and been very inspired by Kelly Brown for a few years and never dreamt i would actually get to meet and train with her. Kelly is a very successful photographer in Australia who specialises in newborn photography. She strives to give her clients the best products and service she is able to give. She goes above and beyond for her clients to create timeless images – thats what makes Kelly such an inspirational photographer you can see more of Kelly work here


When i saw she was coming to London for a two day workshop, i set every reminder i could in my phone and waited up till midnight to ensure i got my spot on the course. Kelly mentioned that the first course that went on sale  sold out in 7 minutes (that was us!! ) People travelled from all over Europe to attend Kelly’s training, it was wonderful to meet so many talented photographers.


The workshop was hosted by the amazing Russ Jackson, his studio was beyond incredible. You can check out his work here

We also had some traning from Kelly’s ‘side kick’ Garrett about running a website to the best your can. You can see his work here


Kelly really reminded me of why i love photography. Photographs are so empowering and its important to have photographs so you and your family have memories to keep hold of and treasure forever.



Kelly is such a down to earth woman who has taught me so much in just two days. I can not express how much she has inspired me… watch this space!

Below is an image from the course

Posing and Styling by Kelly Brown

Edited – TwirlyGirlPhotography


Newborn Photographer Wiltshire